Saturday, January 15, 2011

DecalGirl Skins to decorate and protect all your electronic devices

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iPad Skins, Kindle Skins, MacBook Skins, Cellphone Skins, Laptop Skins, Media Player (MP3 Player) Skins, Motorola Razr, Nokia, LG, T Mobile Sidekick Cell Phone Skins, HP, Acer & Dell Skins
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Hot Finds:
Kindle 3 Skin Izzy
Show off your favorite dog breed AND your creative side with these puppy-based designs that incorporate the look of a magazine collage of colorful cutout patterns with the sweet face of the best friend you love. More breeds available
Skin Alice
Set against a backdrop of red, black, and white playing card symbols and armed with a big vial of green "Drink Me" potion, this sexy, winged Alice looks great on devices of any size.

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