Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Inexpensive Things to do during the Holidays

Inexpensive Things to do during the Holidays
Listen to Christmas music (get music CD's from the library)
Read the Night Before Christmas
Read Christmas story in the Bible
Turn off all lights except the Christmas lights and listen to "Silent Night"
Attend Candlelight Service at church
Watch Christmas movies on video
Go for an evening walk, look for the "Star of Bethlehem" and make a wish
Play Christmas board games
Go Christmas Caroling
Make a Christmas scrapbook
If you have snow: make a snowman and snow angels, have a snowball fight
Make paperbag, sand, and votive candle luminaries
Bake simple cut out cookies using dairy case cookie dough, cookie cutters and canned frosting
Make orange and whole clove pomander balls
Put a Christmas greeting on the answering machine or your voicemail
Work on a Christmas jigsaw puzzle
Make homemade candy (molded, fudge, divinity, peanut brittle)
Visit a live nativity scene
Attend a church service or program that you don't normally go to
Go to a Christmas movie matinee
Go ice skating
Drive around and look at Christmas lights
Go to a stage performance of Dickens's Christmas Carol
Watch family videos, look at slides and look through photo albums of past Christmases
Have an "M&M" Night; Mall (look at decorations), Movie (Christmas movie at a Theater), and Munchies (Home for Ice Cream Sundaes)
Attend a performance of the Nutcracker Ballet
Attend a performance of the Messiah
Participate in a Messiah Sing
Decorate the trees outside for the birds with strings of popcorn and cranberries, little orange baskets, and pinecones with peanut butter and bird seeds
Read aloud Christmas stories and poems
Make mulled cider
Have a taffy pull
Have the kids put together a Christmas concert; kid's instruments,homemade instruments
Have a candlelight dinner
Have a family fondue fireside supper
Go on a sleigh ride
Visit Santa Claus and get a family picture taken
Trace your family history and talk about how Christmas was different for each generation
Take a family portrait by the Christmas tree or outside in the snow

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