Monday, November 9, 2009

Shop now at Kmart with new online layaway!

What is Layaway? A. Layaway is a service that allows you to reserve items today, and pay for the item over a specified period of time. Once completely paid off, you can take the item home.
Q. How do I put items on Layaway?
A. Shop
KMart and choose the item you wish to purchase. During your shopping experience, you will be notified if the chosen item is eligible for Layaway. At checkout, you will have the opportunity to purchase your items today and or start a Layaway contract. Our easy to use website will take you step by step through the Layaway process.
Q. Is there a fee to start a Layaway order?
A. Yes, there is a non refundable fee for each Layaway contract. The fee ranges from $1- $5 based on certain state laws.
Q. What form of payment is accepted for my Layaway purchases?
A. You can use any form of payment that is currently accepted on our online site.
Q. How long is a Layaway contract?
A. For most items, Layaway contracts are 8 weeks long. For certain items (i.e. Jewelry) the contract could be 26 weeks or 52 weeks. These contract lengths are determined by the cost of an item. At time of Layaway order, you contract will expressly state the length of the contract.
Q. Do I need to make regularly scheduled payments?
A. Yes, payments every two weeks are required for each Layaway contract.
Q. How do I make payments every two weeks?
A. You have the option of either making your payment online at or by visiting the Kmart store in which the merchandise is being held. You can make payments at any register.
Q. How do I receive my merchandise after I have made my final payment?
A. After final payment is received, you can pick up your merchandise at the Kmart store in which your merchandise was reserved. Please reference your Layaway contract for store location.
Q. Can I cancel my Layaway order?
A. Yes, customers can cancel their Layaway contract at anytime. However, all cancellations must be done in person at the store location in which the merchandise is being held. Additionally, partial cancellations are not allowed.
Q. Is there a fee for canceling my order?
A. Yes, a non refundable fee will be charged for canceled orders. The fee varies by state, but will not be more than $10.
Q. Can I access my payment and purchase information online?
A. You can view and manage all of your account information online 24-7. Simply login at
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